Fiberglass Materials and associated Products Information...

“The things you need to know”

Are you planing on doing a fiberglass canoe repair? or maybe a fiberglass fairing repair? In most cases the materials used will be the same with the top coat being the possible exception.

In fact, most if not all fiberglass products purchased be it a fiberglass boat, hard tops, ice boxes, cars e.g. Corvette, body kits, canoes, surf skis and even some children’s rocking horses e.g. will have a Gel coat finish, be it the final finish or one that will require the article to be sprayed /painted to the required colour.

For instance, with using the above two (2) examples a fiberglass canoe from new will / should have a Gel coat finish, If the canoe is new and had been damaged then Gel coat would be the preferred repair finish but if the coating (finish) on the canoe is in bad shape with scratches and nicks or the repair is very large then a 2 pac finish is a better option.Look under DIY Projects for fiberglass canoe repair when this goes up

With the case of the fiberglass fairing this will most likely be talked about being on a car, 4 WD/RV or even a motor bike etc. All though these types of fairings (and this includes spoilers, rear wings, side body kits, bonnets etc.) still have a gel coat finish but are usually grey, black or white so as to assist in the type of colour that will eventually be sprayed on to suit the cars colour etc.

When a fiberglass fairing repair needs to be coloured the finishing coat will usually be done in a spray paint matched to the vehicles colour code as the styrene and mek in gel coat can easily soften and wrinkle the surrounding featherd paint work, after all the original fairing would have most likely been already sprayed a car paint finish so it would be point less doing a gel coat finish on this type of article. Look under DIY Projects for fiberglass fairing repair when this goes up.

There are many, many products associated with the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) industries. In these sections we will cover all types of commonly used materials and not so commonly used in the fiberglass repair/ construction industries. In the pages under Fiberglass Materials and associated Product Information... we will cover all aspects of the products that you will most likely and didn’t think of using plus safety data sheets, specifications, usage and where to buy!

So, is it a fiberglass canoe repair? or a fiberglass fairing repair? or you just want to make something, does not matter because the following pages will give you confidence and understanding of what materials to use for your particular job/task. This will also give you the confidence of feeling like a pro when going to a supplier/s to purchase the gear you need to do the job!