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Dwight at front fairmontThat's right! In most cases you will save a bundle and by doing the fiberglass repair yourself and knowing how to do it right you will have peace of mind in a job well done!

As the name suggests this web site is all about diy fiberglass repair and even modifications ! I have designed this web site for you, the person who wants to know, learn how to repair fiberglass, if your're just a beginner, more advanced or thinking of starting up your own fiberglass business you should find this sit extremely helpful in all sorts of ways!

This web site is new and in building it I will endeavour to keep everything in terms that are easy for you to understand or work out. We will cover all sorts of fiberglass repair, modifications and construction within the GRP(glass reinforced plastics), FRP(fiber reinforced plastics) industries.

In a short time you could be making your own ice box or doing a fiberglass boat repair, deck repair or bearer/floor replacement
etc. When you know and can do the basics of good repair work and how fiberglass works, a new world may open for you! for your child or even for yourself to your own design!

GRP is such a durable product, has high strength per weight ratio and above all easy to keep clean and repair. You know there are hundreds of products made from GRP that it would fill pages upon pages from cars, trucks, motor bikes, jet skis, canoes, boats, aviation and much more! What about making a custom model boat

But hang on! I just heard someone say,"I'm not interested in doing a fiberglass repair on a boat! I just broke the fiberglass spoiler on my car and want to know how to fix it" or what about building a fiberglass inground fish pond or a fiberglass pool step repair!

If you need to know something about fiberglass we should have something here for you and if you know nothing about doing a fiberglass repair or just want to know what types of 2 pac paints or speciality coatings to use and how to apply them.....


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